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Surrounded by a tropical and romantic atmosphere, at INTRIGA TROPICAL you can enjoy a unique experience.

TROPICAL Since 1945

Caribbean restaurant

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To visit

Once you enter the restaurant, you will feel the tranquility of this beautiful
place with characteristic decoration, inspired by the warmth and magic of the
Caribbean, surrounded by vegetation, all in the heart of El Laguito.


Here, you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in a pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by the smell of the sea and the sound of nature.


Either way you can enjoy our cocktails, drinks or let yourself be sublimated by the freshness of our tropical
sublimate by the freshness of our tropical dishes, creating the perfect combination to the
combination to the palate.

Restaurant Bar

Intriga Tropical

INTRIGA TROPICAL is an invitation to delight the senses, a magical charm, discreet, but essential… visit us.

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modern italian restaurant

The Concept

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All Desserts

35% off

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